FAQs for Stephen Taberner Singing Workshops

The workshop I want to come to is sold out — what can I do?

Get in touch via the contact page and ask to join the waiting list! Places often become available in the run up to an event, and I’ll contact those on the list on a first-come, first-served basis. Remember to state which event you’d like to attend and how many places you’d like.

Is the workshop open to both men and women?

Yes, everyone is welcome!

Do I need to be able to read music?

No. Stephen will often hand out words and music that you can follow, but will teach each part by ear.

I’ve never sung before, does that matter?

No, we welcome all abilities, from those who have never sung before to experienced singers. Everyone will be treated equally and given extra help if they need it.

Do I need to bring anything to the workshops?

Not really, but you may find it useful to have a pen to hand, and it’s probably a good idea to bring along a bottle of water.

I find it difficult to stand for long periods of time — will I have trouble joining in?

We make provisions where at all possible for those who have difficulty standing or walking. Whilst a lot of people stand for most of the workshops, chairs are always available and most people have one to hand throughout. We also occasionally walk around the room during certain vocal exercises, but there’s no necessity to do so.

If you use a wheelchair or find stairs difficult, please inform us before the event in case there are any access issues in any of our older venues. We’re used to finding ways around these problems and would hate to turn anyone away.

Is accommodation included?

Unless otherwise specified, accommodation is not currently included in the price of our weekend workshops.

Is food included?

Not usually, unless explicitly stated.

Can I bring children along to an evening get-together?

As our get-togethers tend to take place in pubs, under-18s are not usually allowed. We welcome everyone to our performances, though!

Can I invite people along for our final performance?

Yes, the more the merrier! These are usually very informal and we like to get friends and family along where possible to see what we’ve been up to.

If I’m unable to attend the workshop, can I have a refund?

Typically we will only refund your place if it is able to be resold. Exceptions to this rule can be made on occasion — for example, in cases of serious illness, etc. If you’d like to give your place to someone else, please let us know who will be attending in your place.

Some venues operate a per-person pricing scheme, and therefore we are charged in full for your place even if it not used, hence our difficulty in issuing refunds where places cannot be resold.